Why to choose FinnBull?

There are only few machines available in 8 - 9 tons class that can carry 7 tons of load. FinnBull is certainly your first choise if you are looking at cost effectiveness of the machine and a good working environment for the operator.

As first one in it's class FinnBull offers you a cabin that can be rotated 360 degrees. A unique technical solution that can be normally found only in larger forestry machines.

Thanks to the hydrostatic transmission FinnBull don't have any mechanical gearboxes etc. Two separate pumps are feeding with oil Black Bruin wheel motors in front and rear axles  - a very simple technical idea. The only mechanical parts in this kind of system are inside the pumps and wheel motors. Trouble free working time for thousands of hours!

Notice also the reach of the crane - max 8,5 meters. And with this crane you can still use a harvester head that weights 400 kg!

Please contact us for more technical information and current price list!