Light Harvester H12

Price (exc VAT) - starting from 149.500 euros with Kesla 671H crane  and Keto Forst W Eco harvesterhead

Warranty - base machine 2000 hours or 2 years

H 12 technical spesifications.pdf
H12 tekniset tiedot.pdf

8 wheeler FinnBull F/C 13 coming in December

Price (exc VAT) - Forwarder starting from 175.000 and Combi with harvester head 198.000 euros

Warranty - base machine 2000 hours or 2 years

FinnBull FC13 technical spesifications.pdf
FC 13 tekniset tiedot.pdf

FinnBull LBF coming in October

Price (estimated) - under 50.000 euros (exc VAT)

Warranty - base machine 1000 hours or 1 year

Note! Machines will be delivered with Bosch Rexroth transmission system instead of Poclain 

Loggers Best Friend.pdf

New Cabin for H12 and F/C 13

Pictures and videos of old combi model

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